Boutique Hotel

All our rooms are furnished with African Style wild wood beds with firm mattresses to give you a good night's sleep, work/dinning table, comfortable seating for two, a Kitchenette, Mini-Bar with complimentary drinks, and a wall mounted TV with DSTV. High speed reliable Internet is delivered throughout the rooms and gardens of Casa Bella; whether you are in your room or the swimming pool area or the Recreational Banda, you have a high speed Access Point near you. All rooms with cooking facilities have a fire extinguisher and smoke detector. GYM facilities available.

We have 11 rooms in total, categorized as follows;

Superior Rooms

There are 8 Superior rooms in the hotel, 3 on the first floor and 5 on ground floor. Rooms 1 and 2 have adjoining doors and can be used by a family. Rooms 3 and 4 are both on the ground floor facing North and opening up into the garden. Room 5 faces room 6 and is a very quiet private room. Room 9 is in the middle on the first floor facing North and shares a long balcony with Rooms 8 and 7. Room 10 has cooking facilities and is located at the North West corner of the building, it has a private balcony overlooking the Recreational Banda and coffee fields. All Superior Rooms are over 30sqm.
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Twin Rooms

There are 2 Twin rooms: Room 8 is on the first floor next to the Presidential Suite (Room 7). Rooms 7 and 8 can be paired by shutting a common door outside the two rooms; therefore it can be used by a family or a VIP and bodyguard. Room 8 covers 27sqm but has a double volume ceiling and largest Balcony run in the Hotel. The second twin room is Room 6 which is on the ground floor but has the largest area, over 41m2. It has a large kitchen area, dining for 2 and comfortable seating for 2.
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Presidential Suite

This is room 7 and is located on the North East corner of 1st floor overlooking the garden and the coffee fields. Measuring over 37sqm, Room 7 has a King Size bed, dining/working space for up to 4 people, a fireplace, seating for 2, full private DSTV box and the largest bathroom in the property. It has a kitchenette with an inbuilt 2 burner stove.
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